Reflection on Outreach Program – Community Service

Reflection on Outreach Program-Community Service

On Sunday November 24, 2019, on the day of “Solemnity of Christ the King,” Ms.Nica and I joined the Lumen Christi CatechiticalCenter (LCCC) students in their pastoral catechism. After mass at 9: 00 am we went to Transfiguration Parish18th Avenue San Roque Murphy, Cubao, Quezon City, to teach catechism to the children. The topic was about “Solemnity of Christ the King”.

We held the class in a garage of the house of Ms.­­­­­­­­­­­­MaritesCipriaso. Ms.Nica and I just assisted the LCCC’s. When we arrived only few kids and youth were there and the place also was not prepared well. We arranged the place and borrowed some chairs from the neighbours.

I joined the LCCC’s and Ms.Marites to call and find the children those who want to learn with us. We went to the street and asked the children who passed by if they are interest to join us. Many were not available and said that they will go to the mall. We also went house to house to invite children and asked permission from their parents. We were able to gather some children. Even though the children were not as many as we expected but we were still thankful and happy.

Ms. Marites told me that those who were presence are not all Catholic but they like to come. I was surprise to hear and to know that. I told her if they like to join is okay, they will learn not only about our faith but the most important is about values.

They were also happy that I join the group. For them it is the first time that “ a sister” visited their place. Even though I just assisted the LCCC, but my presence among them made the children grateful.

The LCC students were Rosaly, Mau, Lara, Julian, Zahra, and Jenifer taught the students about “Solemnity of Christ the King. Before starting the lesson we introduce ourselves. The children were very happy to learn with them. They also participated well. The way the LCCC teach them was very interesting. Their method was storytelling, role play, question and answer, sing a song, etc.

At the end of the lesson we gave them little snack. The kids were very happy. Then we took pictures with them. After that we proceeded to go to another street. And we passed by the Church. We seated in the Church compound to have our lunch before we started our new mission.

After lunch we went to the other street which takes 5 to 10 minutes from the Church. It was raining. When we arrived, there were many kids waiting for us. We have to find the place where we could have our catechism class.

The method was also the same like what we have in previous hour. We just assisted the LCC student. The difference was the students were more active and were many. We also did not have to call or to look for them.  We finished at 3: 30 pm.

For me this experience was very meaning full and it was my precious time. I discovered that there are many children still interested to learn and to know about God in Catholic way. They still need catechism to help them grow in their faith and in their knowledge about whom they believe and follow according to the Christian teaching.

Those students are studying in public school where they cannot go deeper to understand their faith and how to live it. Some need the elders like their parents who can guide them and encourage them to learn about their faith and join the activity in the Church.

While some of them have desire and willingness to learn more about their faith. I could see the joy and happiness of those kids who waited for us. They were showing us that thy really desire to learn. During the catechism class, the kids looked very enthusiastic. They participated all the activities. They enjoyed singing, answered the questions and role play.

This activity was also helped me to discovered that, outside our convent wall there are many poor people not only physically but also spiritually. I could see along the road and the surrounding of the place where we had the activity. It was Sunday but the people did not go to the Church, some of them busy with their job, some busy with gambling, etc.

It was surprising me also, according to Ms.Marites, there are many Catholic converted to another religion. And those who still identify themselves as Catholic are not active in the Church even to attend the Sunday mass, even though the Parish Church is nearby.

This reality challenges me and I asked myself. Do I give witness to the people be faithful with Christ? How will I face this reality and what can I contribute to the Church to help those people come back to the Catholic Church and practice their faith? These situations need to be change. As a Christian Formation teacher and as a Catholic Nun who committed for the service of the Church, this is my mission. My mission to bring back the people to the Church, to help them believe in God and do the will of God.

First I have to change myself and be a witness to the people especially to my students that I live what I taught them. Then, find a way to attract the children and the youth to love their faith as a Catholic. I know that is not easy but I need to do it.

Contributor : Sr. Yuliana Minus FMM

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