God is Greater Than His Call

God’s Call is freely given. It signifies choice a breaking with all humanities and mission.

If God calls, it is in order that we correspond with His Plan of Love, to make known to us His Will, to stir up in us e response of love, and to send us on a mission.

It is in response to God’s call that we have committed ourselves to live as Franciscan Missionaries of Mary, our “vocation”. (Listening attentively to the Word of God)

With the community members

With the community members

After following an English course for two months in Colombo, I got a new mission. God invited me to live in a Franciscan community which is located in a small town called Nuwara Eliya. A cold city that offers wonderful views and missions. Time goes by and I have been living in this community for almost four months.

On one occasion God invited me to reflect for a moment on the journey of life as an FMM. So far what I have encountered is that God always allows me to renew His special calling. God has bestowed this place on me to purify His calling.

Priests and sisters who work in the Parish on a trip.

Priests and sisters who work in the Parish on a trip.

In this place, I feel how God loves me through the Sisters and brothers that He has bestowed to be part of my life’s journey. In particular, the sisters who are so open helped me to continue to grow spiritually and helped me to develop my English skills.

I discovered that a freely bestowed calling should be lived with gratitude. Grateful for His infinite love, grateful for everything that God has done, grateful for everything I have, and grateful for His plans at all times. Gratitude within myself has enabled me to become a loving missionary who is ready to bring the wonderful news that God loves us and to share the joy that Jesus gives us life.

Pastoral Ministries

Pastoral Ministries

In this community, I have the opportunity to give a contribution to community service: helping in the jam room, in the garden, guest house, the Chapel, stitching bags for sale in the jam room, etc. Apart from serving in the community, I also have the opportunity to take part in Pastoral ministry: visitation to the Chapel (every Thursday), distribution of communion, sharing the gospel with the parishioners, visitation to families, and being present with the sisters in evening classes to help children who have academic limitations study (read and write).

Community Services

In the Pastoral ministry, of course, language is a barrier, so what can I do there? God invites me to go beyond that and to live the spirit of being with them. Even though I can’t communicate with them, my presence is far more valuable. Sometimes saying some sentences in their language make them enthusiastic and happy. So as a missionary, I learn how to build self-confidence, how to encourage myself, empower myself and think positively to be present in their midst. On several visits, I sang some hymns in Tamil. They were so happy and entertained to hear it. So I continue to do what I could, and their happiness is a gift to me.

Because it is God Himself who shows that He is the one who strengthens my heart and steps. In times that are so dark and fragile, God shows that He is my Light who awakens me. God is truly greater than His calling.

Sr. Vina FMM

Sri Lanka, March 17th 2023

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