A Three-day Encounter with Mary of the Passion

One of the commitments stated in the document of our 2017 Province Chapter is “each sister to make use of the studio of Mary of the Passion” for at least three days. Mary of the Passion is the founder of the Institute of the Franciscan Missionaries of Mary.

I started this three-day encounter on September 13, 2021. The atmosphere helped me to enter into an in-depth encounter with Mary of the Passion through her books and writings. As the encounter proceeded, I could feel one with her. I felt her struggles, hardships, pain, suffering and all her values. In spite of all these, she acknowledged the presence of God as well as the support of her sisters.

Mary of the Passion emphasized the unity in diversity among her “daughters” in the communities. And she encouraged them always to be united for the sake of the universal mission.  My respect grew towards her heroic approach in handling the difficult situation by keeping silence for charity sake for those who caused her pain. Her whole life had been a total surrender to Christ for the Church in a Franciscan way, and she experienced that true power is truth and charity. And so, she wanted all her daughters to follow the same, be formed and ready to be sent to the mission.

My sincere thanks to Sr. Vera, FMM who has been so generous to be part of my three-day encounter.  “If you but knew the gift of God”. These words were echoed by Mary of Passion to her daughters and re-echoed in my heart as I treasure the encounter with her.ººº

Sr.Nikke Lingga, FMM

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