A Sharing on my experience of Life in Indonesia

Time flies! I have been in Indonesia for seven months now. As I look back on these seven months, my heart is full of gratitude! I am grateful to God for leading and accompanying me all the way, and to the sisters in the Community for their support and help in my life.

I remember that day, when I arrived in Indonesia, lived a few days in the provincial house community, and when the provincial of the Indonesian Province Sr. Juliati, told me that I would be sent to another community: ‘What’! and there is always that feeling ‘The Bogor Community is my home’.

After I spent five days in Jakarta, in the provincial house, the provincial took me to my community in Bogor. When I first entered our school, I was attracted by a big photo of our Foundress, Blessed Mary of the Passion. I felt that this environment was both strange and familiar. The familiar feeling was because no matter where we went, we all had a common trait. and goals, in spite of our cultural and linguistic differences.

About two weeks after my arrival in this new community, I was formally welcomed during the Vespers, and the sisters arranged for me to teach Chinese to the students in junior high school. I am very grateful for this opportunity to be with the students. At first the students felt unfamiliar and curious about me, but we gradually got to know each other, and the class began to talk to me and share their lives, which made me feel that the people here are very friendly and simple. I also participated in the parish service here, joined the choir, the Gospel sharing group, and distributed the Eucharist on Sundays. I also have my own service area and duty in the community.

Initially, I thought, that the biggest challenge and difficulty was the language. But over these seven months of life experience, I have a better understanding of the land of Indonesia, which has unique ethnic characteristics and multiculturalism, as well as a strong cultural heritage. The people here are very enthusiastic about their religious belief. As I get along with them, I gradually understand that the language difficulty is not the most important part, the most important thing is how I can live in this environment, taking part in my mission of service, through my work and joyful heart.

In this community, I feel that my life is very fulfilling. From prayer life to community life to mission, I can feel the peace and joy that God bestows on me in my heart. It is because of this grace that I can face myself calmly in the face of difficulties and accept my limitations and weaknesses.

I am very grateful to my provincial Sister Judith of China, Hong Kong Macau province, for sending me to experience life with Indonesian provinces and regions. I am especially grateful to the provincial and the sisters of Indonesian province for their accompaniment and support, which I will cherish all my life, and at the same time, prepare myself to be a good missionary in the future.  Thank you all very much!

Sister Meijuan, FMM

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