The Experience of Temporary Profess Sisters

“The further I go; the more God sings in my soul of the beauties of unity. I would like it to be the seal of all that I love, for it is a reflection of God’s own beauty.”

Mary of the Passion, Rome 1896 

Our souls are singing with joy as we were welcoming two young sisters on the 26th August 2022. The two sisters are Sr. Mei Juan and Sr. Zhang We Ina. They come from the Province of Hong Kong-Macao. After finishing their Theology years in Taiwan, both of them are preparing their final vows by having mission experience in Indonesia for about 1,5 years before they pronounce their perpetual profession.

During their mission in Indonesia, they are living in two different communities. Sr. Mei Juan is staying in Immaculate Conception Bogor, while Sr. Zhang We Ina in Our Lady of Victories Jakarta Community. Both of them assist the teachers in our schools for Mandarin lessons.

Sr. Andriana with the sisters from Myanmar and Vietnam

Furthermore, the joy is not only coming from the sisters who came to Indonesia, but also from the three young Indonesian sisters who are having mission experience in the Philippine and Sri Lanka. In their 4th year of temporary profession, Sr. Andriana was sent to the Philippine on 2nd of August and now she is living in Iligan city.

Sr. Aprila and Sr. Vina are sent to Sri Lanka on 17th September 2022. These missions prepare them to live in other cultures, to open their knowledge, and to experience living in diversity.

Sr. Vina and Sr. Aprila arrived in Sri Lanka

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