The Annual Retreat

On August 20th to 27th, 2022 the second batch of the sisters followed the annual retreat which was held at Puspanita, Ciawi. The Title of this retreat was “A Call for Holistic Transformation in Religious Life”. Father Anton Pras, CICM is the source person of this retreat. He is an insightful missionary Priest that managed to bring us to meet the theme.


Toxic is one of the topics that Fr. Anton brought about. He said that our life should not be a hindrance or to be toxic for others, but we should be kind to others, because there are many good things we can do. Another interesting quote from him was “while poison is something that kills, love is something that strengthens, so we shouldn’t be Toxic.”

Transformation isn’t always easy, but there’s always graces that will follow our efforts.

“Our life should not be a stumbling block for others, but be love. Because love that will change you…”

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